my torturer

Naser Sarmadi Parsa ( Brother Hamid) is the pseudonym of the torturer and the second personage of this book. He, like the other torturers in the Islamic republic, tried not to be seen by the prisoners, but as the writer has explained in the first chapter of the book, he could see him three times.25 years later he could see his picture again, while he was in exile:

Have a look. Have you seen this picture?”

And the picture arrived. It opened slowly, gradually. I had a gut feeling that it would be you and that once again you are about to enter right into my life, as if you are tired of having spent twenty-five years away from me. I’m sure you’d be happy to know that when your photograph emerged in full, my body shook. A sharp pain went through my back. The soles of my feet started burning. Surely you remember?

On it, you are giving vicious looks to someone who’s not present in the photograph. And I was shaking. The soles of my feet were on fire.

A new message came via messenger.

– “Do you know him?”

– “Yes.”

-“Who is he?”

– “Brother Hamid, my interrogator.”

( pages 4-5)

Yes! He was Brother Hamid. His picture was taken in the embassy of the Islamic republic of Iran in Tajikistan. Now, Brother hamid under his own name was the ambassador of IRI.

When his real name was revealed, they deleted his name from the embassy site. He had to left Tajikiatn….

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